New CT & KO Tournaments starting on SchemingMind

Chess Pieces

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their membership of Social Correspondence Chess Association. We are starting the new CT and KO tournaments for webserver players, you may enter these by logging in at and visiting the tournament page at If you do not see any Social CCA tournaments listed, please let me … Read more

Magazine Issue 348

Magazine Issued

Checkmate Magazine Issue 348 is now available for members at This issue contains many annotated games and articles covering both local and international play. We have another excellent article from Maurice Carter discussing chess authors and information on past and future Social CCA tournaments. This issues index – Association Information 1 The Editors Desk … Read more

Invitational 2019 01

I have started a new tournament at SchemingMind, this event is open to all site members as an Invitational Tournament. The tournament is open to all members of Social CCA and To enter, visit the The tournament is a 7-player all-play-all with one game against each of the other players. The tournament will … Read more