Tournament Update 21/02/19

We have recently started several new tournaments on Scheming Mind. Please note that to view these tournaments you will need to be a member at Social CCA members will be given a membership token upon request to a Club Officer. Please ensure that when playing Social CCA tournaments on the web-server, that you are … Read moreTournament Update 21/02/19

Checkmate 346

Postal members should by now have received their copy of our club magazine ‘Checkmate’ members playing by server were sent an email copy but anyone not in receipt of the magazine may view and download it from here. This issue features a good selection of members games, chess problems and club related news and results. … Read moreCheckmate 346

Server Tournament Places

Our server tournaments are held on The following events currently have places open to members. Knock OutsSCCA KO 255WSCCA KO 256W Continuous TournamentsSCCA CT/2019/005/WSCCA CT/2019/006/WSCCA CT/2019/007/WSCCA CT/2019/009/W To enter one of these tournaments, login to SchemingMind and go to where open tournaments will be listed for you to select. If you are a … Read moreServer Tournament Places


I have received a request for a thematic tournament. Austin at has kindly added the Budapest Gambit to available choices, you may enter the first tournament via This will be a 3 player double round tournament based on the Budapest Gambit. The initial moves are 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 The tournament may … Read moreNew TH/BUDAPEST/001