WCCF Team Tournament IV

Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Team Tournament is now in its fourth year and once again Social Correspondence Chess Association has a team competing. This year each board is rating-restricted and each player plays 7 games. The Social CCA team is, John Sowter Rod Ewan Robert Pallett Margaret Baron Geoff Rosser The competition features 8 teams, … Read moreWCCF Team Tournament IV

Knock Out KO 254W Starting

Knock Out Chess Tournaments

Knock Out tournament KO254W is starting on the web server. Pairing notices have been sent out and players may join the tournament immediately. The tournament and games can be followed online at SchemingMind. The players are, KO254W Roger Oscroft, Ray Pomeroy, Anthony Rixon, Gavin Ross, Geoff Rosser, Bob Ryan, Robert White, and CarlPinel. Players wishing … Read moreKnock Out KO 254W Starting

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