BCCL 2017-18

BCCL 2017-18

The British Correspondence Chess League is both a postal and a web server Championship. The web server section features three Divisions. Social CCA is competing in the Championship section against 7 other teams. Our team of 8 players will play one opponent in two games.

Social CCA BCCL Championship Team

  1. Rod Ewan v Keith Kitson (Eight of Hearts)
  2. Norman Stracey v P K Rallabandi (BCCA Giants)
  3. Robert Pallett v Gareth Yeo (C S Administrators)
  4. Mamta Bisht v Alan Sutton (White Rose A)
  5. Peter Gibbs v Eoin Campbell (BCCA Lions)
  6. Michael Furmston v Steve Pettigrew (Friends Chess)
  7. Peter Pickering v Colin Beveridge (BCCA Dragons)
  8. Roy McCormick v Stephen Woodhouse (BCCA Dragons)

We wish all players enjoyable games in this tough competition that can be followed at https://www.iccf.com/event?id=72365


1 thought on “BCCL 2017-18”

  1. Sorting my Xmas card list, I thought I would look up Peter (Pickering) to see if you are in the land of the living. Astonished to see Rod in this list whom who plays occasionally at Stafford Bridge Club. For Peter, the R L Barnett Middlesex Girls Chess Championship has been running every year, most recently by Jason Bennett but had very few entrants in 2017 so am not sure of its future.

    Every good wish. (Xmas 2018)

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