British Correspondence Chess League teams for 2020

I have entered the following teams for the BCCL for the next season. This includes an additional team in Division Two, which includes some new members. Although we are likely winners of Division One this season I left it to Stan Grayland’s discretion whether he placed our A team in Division One or the Championship and he preferred to place us again in Division One since this means seven teams in each division rather than an uneven number. I apologise if our A team players feel this does not stretch them enough (although they may be pleased)!

I’m pleased to say that Phil Cook, who had a health scare a little while ago which he was afraid would interrupt his chess for some time, is ready to continue.  I also welcome back Margaret Baron, who broke her hip during the last season and had her chess playing activities severely disrupted.

Teams for BCCL 2019/2020

Webserver Division One

  1. Keith Franks
  2. Rod Ewan
  3. Norman Stracey
  4. Bill Lindberg
  5. Robert Pallett
  6. Phil Cook
  7. Peter Gibbs
  8. Michael Furmston

Webserver Division Two

  1. Geoff Rosser
  2. Graham Salmon
  3. Peter Pickering
  4. Margaret Baron
  5. Gavin Ross
  6. Sverre Eugen Olsen
  7. Roy McCormick
  8. Derek Lambert

Geoff Rosser