Membership of the Association allows players to enter our tournaments and team competitions. Members are also eligible to play for their national team and enter tournaments organised by the International Correspondence Chess Federation.

Club Tournaments

The Club Championship is our premier tournament, the winner is the Club Champion. The competition features Challenger sections offering a promotion to the Championship section.

League Tournament
The League Tournament is for players of all strengths of play. Players are placed into a division with Division 1 the strongest. Divisions normally consist of 5 or 6 players with each player playing 2 games against each other.

CT Tourney
The Continuous Tournament (CT) is a popular ‘All Play All’ that may be entered at any time of the year. Players are typically placed into groups of three and play two games against each opponent. The annual winner is decided by the number of points scored from a minimum of 6 games. New CT’s are started whenever 3 players have asked for pairings.

Knock Outs
The Knock-Out is another tournament that starts whenever sufficient players have entered. Each tournament normally starts with 8 players, many members play in this tournament alongside other Social CCA events.

Introduced in 2019, we now offer thematic tournaments. Recent tournament choices have been the Ruy Lopez (Spanish) Marshall counter-attack and the Budapest Gambit.

Team Competitions

British Correspondence Chess Team Championship (BCCTC)
The premier team event for correspondence chess clubs. We enter one team of 8 players. Matches run from November to September annually.

British Correspondence Chess League (BCCL)
A division based competition featuring the Championship, Premier, Ist Division etc.
Scottish Webserver League Two divisions, 4 players per team. In division 1 each player plays one game against 4 different opponents, in Division 2 each player plays 2 games against 4 opponents.

Scottish CCA Postal League
Teams of 5 players, games played January to November annually.

SchemingMind Standard Chess League
Webserver based team tournament on the SchemingMind server. The tournament runs from September to August. 5 players per team, each playing 2 against 7 opponents.

Friendly Matches
We organise regular friendly team matches against other correspondence chess clubs.