New CT 2019/008/W

Continuous Tournaments played on the SchemingMind webserver, may now be entered without sending a pairing request to the tournament controller. We will periodically offer a new tournament to all members of Social Correspondence Chess Association who are registered on the SchemingMind server.

To check if a tournament is available and to enter it, please login to SchemingMind and select the menu option Community > My Friends Private Tournaments.

The first tournament under this new option, is CT 2019/008/W. Further tournaments will be started as places are filled. The intention is to reduce the delay between a member requesting a pairing and one being sent out by the tournament controller.

In a further departure from the norm, CT 2019/008/W will be rated on SchemingMind, please ensure that you abide by the site rules. SM ratings are calculated in this way –

If you experience any problem with this process, please contact the CT Controller. Postal players are not affected by this new process and should continue to send their pairing requests as normal.