Server Tournament Places

Our server tournaments are held on The following events currently have places open to members. Knock OutsSCCA KO 255WSCCA KO 256W Continuous TournamentsSCCA CT/2019/005/WSCCA CT/2019/006/WSCCA CT/2019/007/WSCCA CT/2019/009/W To enter one of these tournaments, login to SchemingMind and go to where open tournaments will be listed for you to select. If you are a … Read more

Checkmate 346 Published

The latest issue of ‘Checkmate’ is now available online. This issue contains 22 pages of members games, articles and tournament news alongside chess problems and a book review. Postal members will receive their copy shortly whilst online members have been sent a copy via email. We are adding older copies to the archive and would … Read more


I have received a request for a thematic tournament. Austin at has kindly added the Budapest Gambit to available choices, you may enter the first tournament via This will be a 3 player double round tournament based on the Budapest Gambit. The initial moves are 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 The tournament may … Read more